Ranbir Kapoor Will Convert To Muslim For Katrina Kaif ?

Ranbir Kapoor Will Convert To Muslim For Katrina Kaif ?

Bollywood’s heartthrob, Ranbir Kapoor had recently come out in open about films and the most important people in his life, one of them being his alleged lady…



Zain says:

katrina is not muslim so their is no question for ranbir to convert and to
all hindu people why are u guys attacking Islam any way doesnt make sense .

Saifur Rahman says:

Don’t abuse any religion strictly in islam

reshma elsa. joseph says:

i hate islam….

abz don says:

Islam is the true religion so fuck all y’all Hindu

Love Ramos says:

look who’s talking about religion, at least islam dont worship animals but
true God the creator of universe and all mankind

Patel Hiren says:

Fuck islam.

Patel Hiren says:

He will never convert to religion of hell(islam)..

priyabrar25 says:

What the fuck was that! Ranbir will never do that!

basicsurfer08 says:

this is what you call a bullshit news

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